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Travelling in Sri Lanka


We will not recommended an itinerary as every person has different interests and time / money constraints. Instead, we would like to give you an idea of what can be done in 2 weeks and briefly talk about the places we've been to (see comments below photos).

Our Trip

We spent one week travelling in Sri Lanka visiting historical sites and relaxed for one week on the beach:

Day 1: Arrival in Columbo, bus into town, train to Kandy.
Day 2: Explore Kandy, visit of the temple of the tooth. Visit the Perahera festival in Kandy.
Day 3: Starting a 3 day-trip to the historical sites with a private driver-guide. Aluvihara Rock Monastry, Dambulla Cave Temples, Sirigya.
Day 4: Historical sites of Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura. Stay overnight near Anuradhapura.
Day 5: Driving back to Kandy, stopping over for Ayuverda massage. Stay overnight in Kandy.
Day 6: On our way to the east coast. Bus to Badulla (ugly town, but nice waterfalls "Badulla falls). Stay there overnight.
Day 7: Very early bus to Ampara, Potuvil. Witnessed an amazing Hindu festival on our way. Tuk-Tuk from Potuvil to Arugam Bay.
Day 8: Surfing, Relaxing in Arugam Bay.
Day 9: Surfing, Relaxing.
Day 10: Excursion to a national park (bird watching, also loads of wild elephants around).
Day 11: Surfing, Relaxing.
Day 12: Surfing, Relaxing.
Day 13: Taxi to Columbo (7 hrs, 70 Euro). Great dinner. Stay at Ranjit's
Day 14: Explore Columbo, Shopping. Dinner at the Galle Face Green Hotel.
Day 15: Flight back to Europe.

To get an idea of the trip, please flip through the pictures with comments.

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